IT Firm Features

Flexible and adaptable project management features that empower your IT team to deliver superior technology solutions.

Request Management

Capture, manage and prioritize projects with a fully configurable request management workflow.

Capture & Manage
Project Intake

AlignIT helps you gain better control and complete visibility into your work requests. Capture, manage and prioritize any type of work, providing a central view into project demand.



Configurable Request Management Workflow

Easily craft your own custom request management process for review, approval and prioritization of work requests in your organization. Flexible rules can be applied to route requests based on the type of work or project designation. Then collaborate across your team to efficiently manage project intake.

Work Management

Manage deliverables, collaborate across your IT organization and streamline delivery with flexible work process automation.

Manage Project Deliverables

AlignIT gives you unlimited flexibility with how to define and manage your project deliverables. You can define top level deliverables only, or layer deliverables and tasks, building a full project plan when necessary. Manage expectations with service levels. And assign deliverables and tasks to managers, resources and even your vendor partners to drive efficient collaboration.



Effective Team Collaboration across your Entire IT Organization

AlignIT focuses on collaborative delivery that aligns your entire IT organization. Assign deliverables and tasks across your IT organization, collaborating through IT planning, governance and work execution – and empowering your team to deliver successful technology solutions.

Streamline Delivery with Configurable Work Processes

Build flexible on-demand work processes that help drive delivery and team collaboration. Setup different process models that adapt to your environment based on the type of work and project designation. And easily adjust process as your IT organization evolves.



Keep All Stakeholders Well Informed

Eliminate email chaos and ensure all stakeholders are well informed. AlignIT removes any unanswered questions by introducing the right amount of collaboration and providing a central system for documentation and communication.

Financial Management

Flexible, collaborative financial planning and robust execution side financial reporting.

Capture Revenue, Costs and Profits

With AlignIT, you can capture revenue and manage costs, helping you track and plan margins and overall profitability. Monitor your actual costs to safeguard profits and maximize your organization’s financial performance.



Flexible Planning at Several Reporting Levels

Complex financial planning is a breeze with AlignIT. Capture costs across several configurable reporting levels, producing the level of granularity that your IT organization requires.

Forecast and Actuals – Robust Financial Reporting

AlignIT introduces the flexibility that you need for execution side financial reporting. Forecast costs and produce truer actuals, measuring performance against plan. Run what-if scenarios and gain visibility into where your costs are trending. You can even adjust your resource schedule without blowing up your entire financial plan.


Change Control

Capture, prioritize and approve change requests with a fully configurable change approval process.


Gain Control and Visibility Over Change Requests

AlignIT helps you gain better control over changes that impact the cost, scope and delivery of your projects. Gain complete visibility into purchase order and statement of work amendments. And keep track of project change history along with any cost and schedule variances.

Forecast Cost Overruns and Measure Impact of Change

Forecast cost overruns, helping you identify when your costs are trending over a threshold. AlignIT can show you exactly when and how change is impacting your projects and organization, helping you adapt and improve outcomes.



Fully Configurable Change Control Workflow

Forecast cost overruns, helping you identify when your costs are trending over a threshold. AlignIT can show you exactly when and how change is impacting your projects and organization, helping you adapt and improve outcomes.

Resource Management

Flexible resource management that helps you plan, schedule and manage resources – minus the headaches.

Flexible Resource Scheduling

Easily plan and manage resources across your entire organization, anywhere in the world. Flexible scheduling allows you to assign resources at various levels of granularity, including low level tasks, deliverables and projects. Track resource utilization and availability – and yes, you can make schedule changes without blowing up your entire project plan. It’s that flexible.



Evaluate Resource Availability against Workload

AlignIT can quickly find appropriate resources for project assignments and produce detail about resource availability and utilization. This helps match your capacity requirements against workload and ensures that your resources are always utilized as efficiently as possible.

Maximize Productivity with Knowledge Management

Find the right resources for the job with AlignIT’s knowledge management. Assess and score resources based on their experience level across any number of configurable skills. Then match the right resources to the demands of the project.



Track Resource Costs and Profitability

Run IT more like a business. AlignIT introduces powerful tools that help you plan, forecast and track resource costs and profitability. Revenue driven IT organizations can maximize profitability by planning resource profits and keeping a close eye on performance.

Time Management

AlignIT includes an intuitive time tracking system that allows members of your team to track time against both billable and non-billable work. Resources apply time directly to projects and tasks. AlignIT then automatically accrues actual time spent and costs based on your project’s financial plan.


Portfolio Management

Flexible resource management that helps you plan, schedule and manage resources – minus the headaches.


Create Powerful Project Portfolios

AlignIT introduces a flexible method for building project portfolios that produce powerful project insights. Set portfolio expectations that help you meet your goals more effectively so that you can deliver the highest level of success from your IT organization.

Dashboards Visualize Portfolio Health and Performance

Portfolio dashboards present you with a visual representation of portfolio performance at varying reporting levels, with health indicators and metrics that offer immediate feedback about costs and deliverables.


Strategic Reporting

Strategic and operational reporting that increases visibility into costs, performance, time and service health.


Increase Performance and Service Health

Strategic operational reporting produces insights into performance and health across your portfolio of projects. Gain broad visibility into your work pipeline and progress. Track deliverables against service levels and KPIs, helping you maximize performance and ensure successful project delivery.

Gain Broad Cost Transparency

AlignIT introduces reporting at several configurable financial levels, producing granular visibility into your plan, forecast and actual costs. Roll up costs at numerous reporting levels and generate strategic financial reports across your portfolio of projects.



Manage client service delivery starting with proposals and the bidding process.


Start Planning During the Proposal Phase

Proposals can be complicated, and in many cases include a comprehensive statement of work that detail deliverables and costs in a variety of ways – by milestone, blended rates or fixed costs. Simplify the proposal process using AlignIT. With AlignIT, you can streamline the proposal process, collaborate with your clients and plan revenue, costs and profits with a level of detail that your CRM tool simply cannot provide.

Streamline the Bidding Process

Do you know what bids your organization is working on and what stage they are in? The bidding process can include a series of steps and deliverables making them difficult to manage. Streamline your bidding process using AlignIT. Configure your own custom process that will help deliver and keep track of bids. Incorporate planning and gain awareness about the revenue the contract will generate, the costs you will incur and the resources you will need to mobilize.


Client Portal

AlignIT’s client portal access allows you to report status and service health to your customers and collaborate seamlessly with your customers.


Report Status and Service Health to your Clients

AlignIT takes client service delivery to entirely new level, giving you a distinct competitive advantage. AlignIT’s client portal access is a great way to report status and service health to your customers. Control what your clients can view and which reports they can run, giving them direct access to AlignIT, and the satisfaction that they deserve with your premium service.

Collaborate Seamlessly with your Clients

Streamline delivery by collaborating with clients on project proposals and tender requests. Your clients can participate in their own RFP process, collaborate on documentation, view proposals and even costs.