Vendor Solutions

Powerful project management that empowers your IT team to deliver superior technology solutions.

Successfully Manage
Client Service Delivery

AlignIT helps you manage your client projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, on budget and with the right amount of profit. Collaborate across your organization starting with project proposal and ending with project delivery, ensuring successful client service delivery and heightened customer satisfaction.

Introduce Flexible Resource Management

Eliminate resource management chaos and endless hours spent on manual reports that detail resource utilization and costs. AlignIT introduces instant visibility into resource utilization, availability and costs across your entire resource pool, located anywhere in the world. And AlignIT gives you powerful scheduling, time tracking and management tools that make certain your organization is running as efficiently as possible.

Maximize Profits

With AlignIT, you can capture revenue and manage costs helping you track and even plan profit margins and overall client profitability. Monitor your actual costs to safeguard profits and maximize your organization’s financial performance.

Gain Control While Maintaining Agility

Introducing control should not constrain your IT organization’s ability to respond quickly. Unfortunately, process and governance can sometimes slow down work execution.

AlignIT introduces the perfect balance of control and agility. Configurable on-demand work process add the right level of control while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to context, circumstances and the unexpected (sometimes referred to as the “fire drill”).

Strategic Cost and Operational Reporting

Strategic reporting introduces powerful insights into operational performance, income and expenses. AlignIT introduces better IT management through increased visibility into costs, performance, time and service health.