Go beyond traditional PPM with enterprise project portfolio management that helps you reduce financial and legal risk in your vendor engagements, and operational risk for your business.



Plan. Organize. Execute. Seamlessly.

AlignIT is a lightweight IT project and portfolio management solution that creates alignment between the people and processes in your IT organization, equipping you to deliver superior technology solutions for your business.


Flexibility That Embraces Change

AlignIT is a flexible IT project and portfolio management solution that embraces change, evolving as your IT organization evolves and ensuring that your people and processes are always well aligned.



Feature rich IT project and portfolio management without the complexity and bulk. AlignIT results in faster work execution and quickly adapts to changes as your business and IT organization evolve.

Is AlignIT right for your next IT project?


Featured Customer

BMW of North America is streamlining their entire IT planning and delivery model with AlignIT, helping them introduce better governance and centralized visibility across their portfolio of projects. BMW can now meet complex financial planning and reporting requirements, manage their outsource providers and collaborate seamlessly across IT functions and towers, empowering their organization to generate greater outcomes.


Lightweight and flexible IT project and portfolio management that embraces change, quickly evolving as your business and IT organization evolve. Collaborative IT planning is perfectly balanced with bottom up work management, creating a seamless end to end project management experience.



AlignIT helps embedded IT service firms manage successful delivery of their client projects, exceeding service levels while maximizing resource utilization and overall profitability. Collaborate efficiently across your organization and gain vital financial, strategic and operational reporting that will drive a high level of performance.


Manage Deliverables

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Lightweight and flexible IT project and portfolio management software streamlines project management deliverables from beginning to end. Drop barriers by collaborating through IT planning, governance and work management – creating a well aligned and delivery focused IT organization.

On-Demand Work Process

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Configurable work management processes result in faster work execution and quickly adapt to changes as your business and IT organization evolve. Manage demand, streamline IT planning and collaborate on any deliverable. AlignIT allows you to quickly define rule driven workflows tailor fit for your IT organization.

Pain Free Resource Management

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It really doesn’t have to be that hard. Easily plan and manage resources across your entire organization, anywhere in the world. Schedule resources against deliverables, track resource utilization and availability – and yes, you can make schedule changes without blowing up your entire project plan. It’s that flexible.

Easy Financial Planning

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AlignIT introduces comprehensive financial management without the headaches. Collaborative financial planning simplifies budgeting and cost planning. Financials can be broken down and summarized at several configurable reporting levels, giving you the visibility that you need – minus the complexity.

Effective Risk Management

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Effective risk management requires proper tracking, assessment and remediation of risk. AlignIT creates visibility with comprehensive risk tracking, produces aggregated views for risk assessment across your portfolio of projects, and helps you create treatment plans that will mitigate the impact of risk across your organization.

“We are now able to produce financial reports about resource profitability, which used to be a time consuming and manual process. AlignIT gives us the visibility we need to guide the success of our client projects and organization as a whole.”

– Rohit Narang, President, Key Management Group